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2019 ://

NUA X Float. Pop up exhibition - 08.05.19 @ Firstsite

2018 :// 

Float. X The Warehouse Presents Altered State - 16.09.18 @ The Warehouse

Featuring artists :// Billy Myles-Berkouwer, Matt Congdon, Draw It Out (Sophie Body), Graiphox, Henry Driver, Jade Anderson, Jess Power, Max Adrian, Michael Irwin, Noel Myles, Raphaella Pester and Susi Disorder Music by :// George Ariey, Steven Bamidele and Waxwork

NUA X Float. Pop up exhibition - 05.04.18 @ Firstsite

Collaborative piece by Fahim Fadzlishah and Filip Kramarsic (2018)

2017 ://

After the conclusion of Circuit, Float. took a breather until 2017, where it re-emerged, with a new approach to its exhibition programme. By linking in with hosting institutions marketing teams closely and by creating a more robust open call system, Float. was able to make international connections and showcase works from places such as the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and the US.

During 2017 a programme structure was developed for working with Universities and emerging creatives who are still within an arts or education institution. Whereby the Float. team run a series of talks, collaborations and site specific workshops to get participants to engage with the idea of a pop-up situation. This then leads to the pop-up exhibition and concludes with an Artist De-Brief session, were all participants can share varying perspectives on the successes or struggles with the work created. This is an area of the programme which will be developed further in 2018.

CSA X Float. Workshop - 16.11.17 @ Colchester School of Art


Float. Exhibition :// We: You, Me - 10.10.17 until 19.11.17 @ Firstsite

Curated by :// JMC Anderson, Charlie Bryan and Laurie Taylor Straiton
Featuring artists ://  Ross Alexander Mason, Ben Beauchamp, Charlie Bryan, Aaron Collins, Lizzie Cowley, Joe Daniels, Redwan El-Harrak, Sam Elstub, Sian Fan, David Foggo, Iris Dina Gunnarsdóttir, Naomi Harwin, Mark Houghton, Michael James Lewis, Stefan Jovanović, Frazer Merrick, Oliver Payne, Christoph Schramm, Susie Scott, Ranieri Spina, Jon Thomas, Emma J Walsh, Louise Webb, Tom Westbury

Float. Showcase :// Identity - 09.09.17 @ Firstsite

Featuring artists :// Thomas Armstrong, Art4U, Benjamin Beauchamp, Kirstin Bicker, Charlie Bryan and Frazer Merrick, Roseanna Chew, Aaron Collins, Draw It Out, Micha Erdesz, Sian Fan, Keita Lynch, George No-Fi, Jody Padmore, Raphaella Pester, Ricky Ramsey, Kei Roman, Jon Thomas, Charlotte Winters

Float. Showcase :// Open Call - 11.07.17 @ Firstsite

Featuring artists :// Art4U, Susi Disorder, Micha Erdesz, Sian Fan, Till Hawkins, Eden Mitsenmacher, Raphaella Pester, Bradley Stephens

2016 :// 

The programme grew in scale and reach in 2016, through collaborations with ARTIST ROOMS, Circuit Cambridge and Young Art Kommunity. With these new connections, Float. was able to facilitate artist residencies, music performances and mobile workshops. It also gained high exposure during Firstsite’s Circuit Festival, Flipside, which featured artists, Gold Panda, Urban Projections, Dingus Khan, Sarah Pascoe, Dan Tombs, Chris Dobrowolski and John Callaghan during a two week period of dynamic programming.

Gallery Takeover :// Flipside Festival - 14.10.16 - 30.10.16 @ Firstsite

Circuit Cambridge X YAK X Float. :// Circuit Unlocks Digital - 11.06.17 @ The Junction, Cambridge


Float. Digital Factory :// in response to the ARTIST ROOMS Andy Warhol exhibition - 26.04.16 @ Firstsite

Featuring artists ://  Benjamin Beauchamp, Charlie Bryan, Susi Disorder, Sian Fan, William Fulton, Lisa Hall, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Bradley Stephens

2015 :// 

Float. was established in 2015, through a collaboration between Liam Roberts and Michael Irwin FKA as Foundry. The initial projects were incredibly successfully, injecting a creative buzz and interest for emerging creatives which hadn’t existed before within Firstsite. The programme began to diversify by featuring artists such as Tristan Burfield, who is described as a modern day ‘polymath’ using vintage games consoles to create sound and visual performances as well as showcasing recent graduates from Norwich University of the Arts - linking Float. to institutions across the south east early on.

Float. Showcase :// BYOB - 15.12.15 @ Firstsite

Featuring artists :// Emanuela Cusin, Susi Disorder, DoDo, Foundry, Will Fulton, Reubon Martindale, Ross Mason, Frazer Merrick, Maddie Wheeler, No-Fi Visuals, Zoe Wright

Float. Showcase :// Digital glitches - 03.11.15 @ Firstsite

Featuring artists :// Tristan Burfield, Julieta Ortiz de Latierro and Stefan Klein, George Palmer AKA No-Fi Visuals, Wehtam Yelthgiek