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JMC Anderson
Posted January 2018

JMC Anderson (b. 1994) is an Artist and Curator based in Norwich. She studied at Norwich University Of The Arts obtaining a BA in Fine Art and MA in Curation. In 2017 Anderson was Curator for exhibition ‘We: You, Me’ at Firstsite, Colchester and completed a curatorial internship at the Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts. She co-designed the ‘We Came Here To Conquer’ publication for the Norwich Castle Museum and was also involved in a artist residency at St Marys Works, Norwich, 2016.

‘Studio Behaviour’ by Ellie Sears, Mind. Language. Matter Exhibition, 2017

‘The Pubic Typing Pool’ by The Drawing Shed, Mind. Language. Matter Exhibition, 2017

As Artist and Curator, Anderson investigates language as a piece of visual material in order to explore construction, meaning and exchange. Researching theories on semiotics and linguistics her belief is that language lives within everything. It is an apparatus. JMC Anderson is currently looking towards the idea of selective reading and scanning in relation to a world full of visual content.

Q. You transitioned from graduating with a Ba (HONS) in Fine Art to studying an MA in curation, what made you feel this was the right path for you?

I didn’t feel ready. I knew I not only wanted to have my own art practice but I always wanted to help other emerging creatives. I felt that there was a lot more for me to learn about the art world and audiences. I wanted to do this to not only be able to give back, but also to evaluate my own way of working.

Q. You are an artist as well as a curator, how do both roles work alongside one another? Does one influence or help the other?

Both my art and curatorial practice question the idea of language in one-way or another. I’ve found that my curatorial role is like my research, in which I investigate theories, create concepts and find artists to inform this. Consequently, everything within my artistic work becomes slightly clearer. Often I have either taken something away from my work as a curator, or been influenced by my findings and interests within the process and exported it into my own art work.

A to Z and back again (II)’ by JMC Anderson, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017 

Q. You recently curated a show at Firstsite entitled Narrative Whispers as a part of the We: You, Me exhibition, can you tell us about it?

Narrative Whispers looked towards various stages within the artists’ role. I recently became interested in the idea of a language through objects and through Narrative Whispers the audience were able to see the echoing of ideas and influence of place; the artist’s personal voice projected through their works. It brings forth an awareness of creative thinking as a tool for visual and materialistic communication. Meaning here the artists role can be seen as connecting, seeing and telling.

Narrative Whispers, Firstsite Colchester, 2017

Q. Who in the world of curation inspires you and why?

Hans Ulrich Obrist is a major influence to me. This is simply because he utilises language and experiments with exhibition formats such as within his famous ‘Do it’ book and Obrist’s on-going project of interviews. This idea of capturing networks, relationships and concepts being established really taught me and opened up the idea of curating.

Q. What do you think the art world needs more or less of?

I feel that there needs to be more opportunities and places in which both emerging artists and curators can work alongside each other in short term projects. Not only this but most people i.e the general public do not know what curation actually entails. I have had to explain this many times. This is something that has improved through people such as Hans Ulrich Obrist however we are not quite there yet.

Q. What position in your career would you like to be in in 10 years time, and how do you intend to get there?

In 10 years time I hope to have at least been within exhibitions or helped curate all around the UK to really put my name out there. I would like to particularly be a part of the Text Festival in Manchester at some point within my lifetime. But I would also be equally as happy to be working within an organisation that helps emerging artists get themselves seen, may it be through a curatorial role, tutoring or administrative. I like to help through using my own experiences, knowledge and networks. So I guess it is just apply, apply, apply for now and visit as many exhibitions and talks as possible.

‘The Bathroom Manifestation’ by JMC Anderson, 2016
‘Construction’ by JMC Anderson, vinyl banners, 2016 

︎ www.jmcanderson.co.uk


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